Meet The Majors

Home-base is Boise Idaho and our backyard is wherever our car or plane takes us. We love Major Adventures and our bucket list is to visit every country in the world.


Daddy's name is Chris - he is a firefighter when we are actually at home, he tends to be the life of the party, and was probably a stand-up comedian in a former life.


Mommy's name is Charity - she is a speaker, author and blogger, a former beauty queen, and is still trying to figure out this whole mom-thing.  


Little #1 is Judah - he is a happy toddler who farts like a man, makes BFF's wherever he goes and looks just like his mama.


Little #2 was only meant for heaven. She is a part of our story, and we hope to share the hope and love that can come out of the loss of a child.


Jack the cat - our big fluffy rag-doll cat who stays home during adventures, but we are always reminded of him because of the fur that ends up on all of our clothes.


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