Xplor Park, Cancun Mexico - Review

You may be wondering what the heck Xplor Park is. The only way I can describe it is that it's a huge adult outdoor adventure playground, where you can play above the ground, on the ground, and under the ground.  It can be found near Cancun, Mexico and here is our review of the park...

Things we would suggest bringing with you to the park (the park also has their suggestions, which are pretty right on)... - Sunscreen, (must be natural so that when you are in the water, it doesn't harm the environment). You will want water shoes or sandals with straps on them. You can walk around barefoot (like Chris did), but his feet got sore by the end of the day because it is a LOT of walking.  I had flip flips, which were fine, I just had to hold them or they had to be strapped into a harness during a lot of the rides. Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you want are ok with getting wet (or sweaty). With the Mexico sun, the water feels great.  Chris wore board shorts and a tank (some of the time), and I wore a swimsuit with board shorts and a tank.  You are provided lockers for free and it is right in the "heart" of the park, where a lot of the rides end so getting to your stuff is easy.  I also suggest bringing a towel, a change of clothes, and if you want to shower off at the park, whatever you will want for that.  Bring your phone or GoPro or camera with a waterproof case if you want to capture some of the action.  We had our GoPro for a while, as well as my phone in a waterproof case.  We got some great footage on a lot of the rides.  I also suggest bringing LOTS of water.  The website says they don't allow you to bring outside food or drinks inside, buuuuuuut we would suggest bringing quite a few water bottles with you.  They don't check your bags when you go in. We suggest this because we only brought one bottle with us, went through it pretty quickly, and used the parks provided beverages at their "water stations."  We both ended up getting sick the next day and we know it was from drinking the lemonade. Despite the water thing, we would definitely go back!

Above the Ground

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We started our day with the Ziplining course, which includes 14 ziplines and over 30 km worth of flying through the trees. There are two circuits, and we did both.  We figured it would be good to start with the ziplines in the morning and head to the "underground activities" in the afternoon when it got hotter.  I would suggest wearing sunscreen. We had a blast on the ziplines.  There is a weight maximum and minimum, so be sure that you are aware of that...some people have to ride together, otherwise they wont make it all the way down some of the longer rides. (don't worry, someone comes out to pull you back in...this may or may not have happened to me (Charity) on one of the longer rides where the wind was blowing against me).  After getting the hang of ziplining, we suggest having fun with your photos, like we did!  The photo package that you can purchase is well worth it.  There are fun spots all around the park with the park camera (that keep track of you with your helmet number) and we always love photos vs. a random mug to bring home.

On the Ground

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On the ground activities includes riding ATV's through the jungle.  This was "just ok."  There is an employee that leads the group of ATV's that all go together and they were slllllooooowwwww.  We would end up waiting for a bit, letting them go ahead, and then flooring the gas pedal to get any kind of skid around a corner.  We made our own fun among the slow people.  On the ground fun also includes some water slides and lower zip lines that end up in some lagoons.  They are really fun and definitely a nice refreshing break from the sun.  You can also float in the lazy river.  We didn't end up doing it, but it looked nice and relaxing! 

Under the Ground

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The underground activities were probably our favorite.  There are rafts that you paddle on through huge caves, there is an underground river that you can swim through, and trail that walks you through the cool underground caves.  There are a lot of photo ops, so take advantage of them!

Overall, we had a blast (minus getting sick the next day from the lemonade) and would probably go back.  We hope that if you are in the Cancun / Riveria Maya area, that you take a day and go Xplor!