#MajorMomWin - Easy Pouch Product Review

Welcome to the first #MajorMomWin product review!  As a modern, busy, and adventurous mom, I'm always on the hunt for things that make my life easier, that give Judah what he needs, and keeps stains off my clothes (for the most part)...

Product reviews will either fall into a #MajorMomWin category or a #MajorMomFail category.  These are honest reviews of things I have used...some good, and some epic fails.  Whatever it is, you can be sure to have my honest opinion because let's face it...us moms can use the best tricks and tips we can find if we want to survive this mom-stuff.

easy pouch product review

Now onto the goods... today's review includes the "Easy Pouch."  Another mom told me about these things when I started to venture into adding food into Judah's day.  I can honestly say, this is a product I use EVERY DAY and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It is easy for Judah to hold, and it keeps him from squeezing his food pouches all over himself, me, the house and our cat.  When I'm out and about, other moms google over them and immediately order them for themselves. They are LIFESAVERS, so do yourself a favor and get some TODAY!



Your non-squished pouches and clean(er) house will thank me ;)